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McKellen's 2001 giggling dash across the lawn

28 August 2001 Cannes Do

First I just smiled and then giggled to myself, just in control, biting my lip so as not to be noticed — after all how to explain that the sun had finally started to turn my brain? Then exhaustion released my self-control and I began to laugh. And laugh out loud. Ian continued talking. So I laughed some more, carefree and enjoying it now. I stood up and rocked on my feet roaring by this time, until all I could was to run away, laughing across the lawn in search of a drink. Chris told me later that he feared for my sanity. He was right to.

Oh my god, pictures? Footage? It was the middle of an interview after all. Delightfully adorable man.

...and how does the cast and crew of LOTR refer to Ian McKellen and Ian Holm when they were both in the same area?
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